Newsletter archive - restricting access to subscribers only


I am aware of the newsletter archive function (preferences under Client Settings > Create Newsletter Archive).

Is there any way to restrict access of the archive to only registered subscribers?

eg. their email is checked against the subscriber list - no passwords needed as it is not high security data - we just want to drive people to sign up rather than accessing the archive.


Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi avery,

many actually use the the newsletter archive as a preview so people will know what to expect when signing up.

But to check if an email address is subscribed, you can have a solution programmed using the API method Subscribers.GetIsSubscribed.


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avery, 8 years ago

Any developers out there who interested in coding / implementing this?

If so, please send a quote or further questions to me via email:

Look forward to hearing from someone. :)

Is there a separate Campaign Manager job board or marketplace for this kind of request?

(ps. Thanks Stig!)

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