Cloaking an E-mail Address


I'm just wondering if it is possible / recommended to cloak an e-mail address in a newsletter, so as to reduce the potential for receiving spam. On our website we use JavaScript to encrypt e-mail addresses, hiding them from spambots and spiders. Is this possible to do in a HTML newsletter? Is there another way to do this? Or is it even something I should be worried about?

Thanks for your advice!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Emmet,

We actually convert all links in your HTML newsletters to use our own tracking URL's such as yourname.createsend(dot)com. This way you can see a nice report on which links were popular and at the same time the URL won't be accessible in the source.

Of course, unless you plan on publishing your emails on your web site, there is no way they will get indexed by spiders if they remain only in your subscribers inbox.

emmett, 8 years ago

That's great, thanks. I was just afraid that the online version of the e-mail at might be vulnerable.

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