my pictures and colors won't appear in preview

I've gone through the recommended troubleshooting. I zipped my html, css and images folder into one folder. Made sure my html was coded to find images within the image folder. My html isn't finding my css file either.

cadillac86, 8 years ago

You can't attach a CSS file to an email. If you are going to use CSS, it needs to be (within the <p> tag, inside the body). If you leave CSS in the header of the html (where it usually is attached for webpages), it will be chopped out by the email client. Alternatively don't use CSS at all, as it is very finicky and will be blocked out by the likes of Outlook 07 etc. Stick to the standard formatting available in your properties window, which is applied directly to the tag. And is garuanteed to work.

Hope that helps.

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi modus,

it sounds like the folders in your zip archive might not match the paths in your HTML file. If changing this doesn't work, you could try moving the CSS to the <head> of your HTML file.

If you're still not having any luck, please email all the files to and we'll have a look at it.

Also, cadillac86 is right about external CSS being poorly supported by email clients, but Campaign Monitor is built to automatically bring the CSS inline, assuming it can find the CSS file.


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chalk, 8 years ago

i'm having the same problem

all my paths are correct but if you change any of the images in the template, zip the images and upload they don't work - even if you use the same names as the ones you replace

however if you upload the folder that was already in the folder - it does work

everything is in the right folders, paths are correct

you guys really should have a step by step guide as to successful uploading of templates rather than linking to Sitepoint books about html

and where do i put my css file? in the image folder? or do i zip the whole of the "campaign-monitor-editor" folder or just an image folder?

i really want to use your service but it's a bit confusing

chalk, 8 years ago

apologies if my last message seemed a bit grumpy - was a bit frustrated

i seem to have got it to work

after editing the html in dreamweaver i then zipped just the contents of the 'campaign-monitor-editor' folder which created an

i then uploaded the html file, then the and it worked

there's no css file on these templates as such as it's inline in the html file

hope this helps anyone else - because there's no real documentation on this

looking forward to using it - the dashboard and tools look amazing

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