spam filter check - warning levels

The new spam filter check generates warning levels for certain words within the email.  Does anybody out there have a reference for what a "high" warning level is? 
I generated a couple: of .9 and .7 on an email I'm working on. I'm assuming this isn't anything to be concerned about?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Lauren, from our experience so far, these warning levels are nothing to be concerned about. They're more of a heads up that say "these words aren't going to get you filtered on their own, but you might have an ever better chance of getting through all filters if you change them". If you're only getting a couple of these, it's probably not even worth tweaking.

We've written a little more about how each filter works, as well as a little more background on what these warnings mean for each filter.

laurenraw laurenraw, 9 years ago

super, thanks!
I was comparing my ratings to some of the ones on this page:

...which lists some words with ratings 2 and up, so I didn't think it would be much of a concern.

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