Custom field for tracking link

I'm new to using the CampaignMonitor tool and have used a number of large scale ASP's in the past for email deployments. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to add a custom field in a link for making it easier to review in the reports?

ExactTarget in the US has a custom field that they have created called alias which is only used in the reports so that long url strings call easily be identified.


travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi Eric,

You could do something like this if you want the same URL in multiple locations but to easily see which one it is they clicked:

<a href="">link text</a>

The just change the #topleft bit to your unique identifier. It will show up in the reports like so:

If you're after just putting a custom field into a link, you can do something like:

<a href="[coupon_field]">link text</a>

Travis Bell
tobz, 8 years ago

I'm trying to add a custom link using the syntax above but its just not working. I can't figure out why.

Here's my link: <a href="[userid,fallback=0]">...

any idea whats wrong?


tobz, 8 years ago

I had to delete my draft and re-import.all working now

Might be a bug there. I originally created the draft using a template, then changed it to a bespoke html import.

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