segmenting lists by using unique forms?


i'm building my list up and want to segment by where the traffic came from (my retail website, the gym I work at, shops I JV with, etc)

is this possible and how is it done? Been playing around with it whilst my website is only partially live but haven't found a way to do it

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Ken,

This is certainly possible using our custom fields system. Here are a the steps involved...

1. Create a custom field called "Source" (or something else that makes sense).
2. Create a subscribe form that includes this custom field. When adding the form to your own site, change the source field to a hidden field. i.e. Change <input type="text" to <input type="hidden"
3. Add a value to the hidden field that identifies the page on your site. e.g. <input type="hidden" value="Front Page"
4. Customize this value for each page you add the signup form on.

Now, when someone subscribes, their source custom field will be automatically populated with the part of the site they subscribed from.

You can take this even further by creating segments based on your source custom field so you can send targeted campaigns depending on where on your site the person joined. You can read all about segments here:

Hope that helps. Post an update to let me know how you went.

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