Developing a "real" date field

I realize this has been requested over the past two years, but seriously... date fields are becoming more and more important.  I have had clients show me systems like Fluency and others that have date tools for api, and it makes the whole process so much more seamless, and makes birthday promotions much easier.  We have one client that we import ALOT of data for, and that field is just a pain (either way you do it as text or numbers just stinks in the end because you can't create a range)

Is there hopes this is going to happen sooner then later?  I think I am going to lose a major opp. because I can't seem to compete with date functionality that is becoming more and more best practice.

Anyone else have ideas?

THANKS A TON... still love CM (for realz)


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey R, thanks for posting your thoughts on this. We certainly agree this would be a welcome feature and one that provides lots of flexibility for targeting and following up subscribers. I've passed this on to our developers and can confirm it's something we're considering.

djwhisky, 8 years ago

Please add another vote for this - we would love to be able to store a customer's last order date to be able to run separate campaigns based on that...

liquidmagic, 8 years ago

Add a vote from me!
Mailchimp just implemented this... :(

cdmcmail cdmcmail, 8 years ago

I could use this for a client right now.

rkmurison rkmurison, 8 years ago

I develop a lot of restaurant sites and I have to have a date field for birthday capture.  I have been looking at Campaign Monitor as a possible solution for my email needs but without the date field I don't know how we would set up the auto email triggers.   Do you expect that the date feature may be something that will be added soon or should I look for a different solution.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Just an update on this feature guys, it's definitely something we plan on supporting in the next few months, and is currently on our development schedule. We'll be sure to announce on the blog and via our newsletter when it becomes available.

Jeffsne, 8 years ago

How is this feature coming?  I really need this functionality urgently for existing and future clients!

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