Spam Testing - Failed Yahoo - Advice?

I passed "93%" of spam filters.  Yahoo was the only one that failed. but there wasn't any link to learn more about why, or what should be changed... it it strictly a flat test, or is there more information behind it?  I am not even sure where to start making adjustments for fear that I'll end up failing another filter.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Eric,

Unfortunately Yahoo! doesn't provide any additional explanations about why something was filtered, so it can be difficult to work out next steps. I normally recommend removing half your content and trying again. if that gets through, it was something in the other half, if not, halve it again and see what happens.

You might also consider setting up a Yahoo! test address and doing this yourself to avoid the $5 fee for each test.

BraceRosso, 8 years ago

Yeah, that's the thing.  The paid test showed Yahoo screen shots (although the two tests I've run so far for different campaigns both have missing screen shots for other clients - I'll post about that separately), and a test sent to my personal Yahoo account made it to the Inbox just fine. 

The problem is that if a customer was testing this themselves, they'd put me through more unnecessary tests (like sending a test email to a Yahoo account) and ask the same question I am - why does the spam report come back failed if it's making it into the Inbox just fine?  Is this a litmusapp issue or a Yahoo issue?  I am assuming it's not a CM issue.

bfringer, 8 years ago

I am having the same problem with Yahoo (and also Apple Mail).

Were you able to reach a resolution on this?

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