AOL and Image Maps


We try to minimize the use of image maps in our emails, however, there are times when they are needed. Just recently, we've discovered that the new AOL mail opens an image map link within the email viewer, instead of a new page. Is this something new to AOL? Is there a work around for this?

Here's an example of our code. I'm not sure why this isn't working any more, or what we can do.

<map name="offers">
<area alt="Offer Desc" coords="28,82,171,107" href="Link" target="_blank">

Note, this works in all of the other clients we test (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, comcast... and older AOL).


Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Jason, I haven't seen this before. It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who might have run into this issue. We actually plan on doing some tests for image map support in email for a forthcoming article, so either way we'll hopefully shed more light on this issue soon.

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