Single and Confirmed Opt-In importing.


I have one small question I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I appreciate there is documentation on this but I wanted to be certain I have understood this correctly.

I run a newsletter for a local even that happens here.  We are transfering from our existing mailing system to CampaignMonitor.

What I wanted to double check is;  If I select "Single" Opt-In when I am importing email addresses, this will NOT send the member/email address a confirmation email to confirm they want to be on the list.  Is this correct?

Likewise, if I was to select Confirmed Opt-In, this WILL send an email to each person asking them to confirm?

The last thing I want to do is have an email go out to every address as it will cause quite a few problems for us, so I just wanted to double check this.



Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey T,

Thanks for the questions. Firstly, I can confirm that no matter what type of list you set up, we will not get in touch with your subscribers and ask them to confirm their subscription. The list type only refers to how you'd like to process any new subscribers that join your list via our provided subscribe forms.

As long as every subscriber on your list complies with our anti-spam policy, you won't have a problem moving across to us.

Requiem, 8 years ago

Thanks Dave :)

Just waiting for Approval now and good to go.

This looks like a great service - Am looking forward to using it.

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