Can't pay for campaign/credits, e-commerce is down

It appears that everything on is down. I can't send my campaign and can't buy credits.

The message is:

Server Application Unavailable

The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable.  Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request.

Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server. Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Cameron,

Thanks for the heads up, I just jumped in and tested this and SSL seems to be working fine for me. Are you still having problems making a payment?

Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Hey Cameron,

There was an issue with one of our severs after a maintenance window but that has now been resolved.

cameron, 8 years ago

For several minutes, I was getting the same error on the "view it in your browser" link on the received messages.

In addition, the header graphics were missing on the first emails. This announcement was important to me. This is not going well. :-(

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Just to follow up, I've emailed you directly via support but all seems to be well now. Sorry again for the hassle, we realize this is a rubbish first experience for you, but it's definitely not typical.

We hope you can give us another chance and you get to see the proper Campaign Monitor as it normally is.

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CCDesign, 8 years ago

Could this still be a problem? I've just recieved a call from one of my clients who is getting a similar message when trying to pay for their campaign. I'd like to hear from you guys if the system is all operating as it should before I call her back to discuss.

CCDesign, 8 years ago

Forget that last post - is working now.

ocupopper, 8 years ago

Been having the same issue for the last 20-30 minutes.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We've seen a related issue recently crop up, but it too has been resolved. Sorry again for the trouble, we're working with our hosts to resolve the root cause.

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