Dealing with people who mark your email as "Spam".

Today is the first time we've used Campaign Montior - We've tried it out on a list of 1050 people.

Very exciting all in all - Seeing all that statistical data is really excellent (compared to 0 data from the previous method we used to send our newsletter!).

One thing that has actually annoyed me a little is a spam report we have received.  So far, 51 people have opened our email (which was sent only a couple of hours ago) and some individual has elected to mark the email he received as Spam.

We have imported our list from IPB (our forum)- Every single member has to agree to a TOS before joining the forum, in this TOS it states we will be sending emails to members.

It's a pretty tight community and people opt in to receive our messages as they are genuinely welcomed.

I'm curious as to how people here normally deal with this sort of situation?

As I can see the name and email address (which is a hotmail account - I've read a few threads on this forum about how Hotmail accounts tend to be frequent in marking messages as Spam)...Would it be wise to contact the individual and ask why he has done this?  Perhaps offer to remove his account from our website and mailing list?

Or is it just a case of leaving it alone?

I can appreciate that if our email was in any way  "spam like" that this sort of branding could be some what understandable but our latest email contains important information that we know the majority of our members need and want to read.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Tom,

We do recognise at Campaign Monitor that sometimes people just hit 'mark as spam' instead of unsubscribing or deleting the email, so a few complaints is nothing much to worry about.

Campaign Monitor will automatically remove from your list anyone who has marked your email as spam (and shows in your reports).

If you don't see many more complaints, then you will not likely need to make any changes. If you do see more, then you'd want to look at your permission process, and whether your email is making it clear how people have subscribed.

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Stormy Stormy, 8 years ago

Hi Tom,

Regardless of your demographic, userbase of email content you will almost always have one person who thinks the spam button is as good as the delete button.  As Mat's noted, so long as the numbers are low then it's just a case of shrugging and forgetting about it.

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Joncar Joncar, 8 years ago

Phew, I saw Cardinal Biggles there and thought he might go for the.......COMFY CHAIR !!!

Stormy Stormy, 8 years ago

Receive another unsubscribe and I'll be forced to resort to... the cushions!

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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