Campaign Delivery Notification

Hi All

We have a master/reseller account with various sub accounts. When a sub account sets up to send a campaign in the future they get a notification email at the time the campaign is actually sent to say everything has gone through ok.

Does anyone know what shows in regards to the 'from' email address in that email. Will it look like it came from our master/reseller account details or from campaign monitor?

Thanks for your time.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey edm, this email will come from your csend[dot]com address, and will definitely not mention Campaign Monitor at all. We won't blow your cover.

edm, 8 years ago

Hey Dave

Thanks for stopping by.

I actually got to see the email sent and the address it came from... it came from info [at] csend[dot]com... is that right? Or should it be coming from the email address associated with out master/reseller account?

Just curious that it's correct that the email appears to come from info [at] csend[dot]com as we have gone to the trouble of setting up a custom domain name in CM... creating a brand and website to support the service... and it looks kinda odd to clients that they get a 'create send dot com' email.

Do you mind getting back to me on this one?


elbradio, 8 years ago

I agree - being able to associate a custom login URL with the link in this email would be huge. Our clients access CM from within our site, but this email links them to an external destination.


BraceRosso, 7 years ago

I agree that it would make sense to let the master account define the email address from which delivery notifications come from.  Heck, why not let us define our own HTML delivery notification template, so we can reinforce our own branding each time a system message is sent?
Clients will undoubtedly search for the info email address since it's unfamiliar to them (they're probably expecting something to come from the agency they signed up with).  On Google, CM ends up getting revealed at #6... another reason to make these forums registered accounts only.

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