Textmate Email Bundle installation

This plugin is awesome.  Unfortunately, I can't troubleshoot at the command line and I'm not sure why I can't get this working.

I've installed the latest X-code and run each of the lines mentioned in terminal:

sudo gem install mailfactory
sudo gem install hpricot
sudo gem install tamtam
sudo gem install tlsmail

However, since I'm a copy/paster I really have no idea what this line means: "make sure to install all dependencies and for hpricot, choose option 4 (0.6 Ruby)."  After some googling I did the following:

sudo gem install mailfactory --include-dependencies
sudo gem install hpricot --include-dependencies
sudo gem install tamtam --include-dependencies
sudo gem install tlsmail --include-dependencies

And then I tried:
gem install hpricot -v0.6

However, I still can't get it working.  Am I omitting anything obvious?  I'd truly appreciate the help.  This tool has the potential of saving me hours of time.

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi bparizek,

Doing a simple:

sudo gem install hpricot

Should suffice. By all rights, does it seem like hpricot installs properly? No obvious errors?

Travis Bell
bparizek, 8 years ago

Thanks Travis. In checking it again I've realized this was a silly mistake and all my fault. hpricot installed fine.  I tried to test with a basic text email, saving the file I was testing with as a txt instead of an html in the process.  It seems the plugin requires that it be an html file.  Quite sensical for testing html emails.

sevenupcan, 6 years ago

I've got a similar issue. I've installed Xcode and I added the gems with no obvious errors. But unfortunately when I do "Email page to (bring CSS inline)" and enter my email address I don't receive any emails.

My email settings are configured correctly from what I can tell.

# Setup your mailing options
to=$(tail -n1 <<<"$to")

but no email is coming through.

Can you think of what could be preventing this?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

mikeebee, 6 years ago


I can't seem to get it to send either, I installed Xcode from my Snow Leopard install disc and the gems as explained, this is my Terminal transcript...

sudo gem install mailfactory
Successfully installed mime-types-1.16
Successfully installed mailfactory-1.4.0
2 gems installed
Installing ri documentation for mime-types-1.16...
Installing ri documentation for mailfactory-1.4.0...
Installing RDoc documentation for mime-types-1.16...
Installing RDoc documentation for mailfactory-1.4.0...
sudo gem install hpricot
Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
Successfully installed hpricot-0.8.4
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for hpricot-0.8.4...
Installing RDoc documentation for hpricot-0.8.4...
sudo gem install tamtam
Successfully installed tamtam-0.0.3
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for tamtam-0.0.3...
Installing RDoc documentation for tamtam-0.0.3...
sudo gem install tlsmail
Successfully installed tlsmail-0.0.1
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for tlsmail-0.0.1...
Installing RDoc documentation for tlsmail-0.0.1...

My gmail details are correct, I also tried my work email details but nothing is turning up. Is there any way to check what its failing on?

Many thanks

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi mikeebee, thank you for your support email in regards to the Textmate Email Bundle. We've passed it on to one of our devs, so we should get back to you shortly via email on this one.

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