Has anyone built tabular data, with editable fields into a template?

I would like to provide my team with an editable table within a template. The table will have a set number of columns (4) but the number of rows needs to be added to - in the same way that 'add new item' works in a standard C-M email template. The header row will remain constant, but the text in the cells below needs to be editable just like the text in an 'ABC Widgets' template
Has any one built a similar table in their templates?

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi mation,

Unfortunately our templates can't handle multiple description tags within a repeater which is what you would need in your case, since you would want to wrap the <repeater> tag around the <tr> element and then have four <td> elements with <$description> tags for the editable content. You would potentially be able to do it with a two-column table, using the <$title$> tag for one column and the <$description$> for the second column and styling them to be the same, but that's the most you could do.

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