Unsubscribe requirements

The scenario:  I have recently presented a proposal to a company.  I would like to follow up with an HTML email and I would like to track it.

I only need to send the campaign to a few people and I have no intention of abusing the few (under 10) email addresses I have.  I just want to follow up in style, and I do not want to include an unsubscribe link, as it seems that would be entirely out of place.

Is there a way to circumvent the unsubscribe requirements?  I have used an online email marketing tool in the past that allowed me to fill out a disclaimer taking all responsibility for my personal account and how I used it. (The client accounts I had were still required to include the proper unsubscribe information.)  Does CM have any arrangement like this?

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi bparizek,

Thanks so much for checking up with us on this. I'm afraid that all campaigns sent through Campaign Monitor require the unsubscribe link, even in cases like you outline. It's a requirement of our whitelisting agreements with many of the major ISPs and it's not something we can make an exception for in this case. Thanks.

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