Textmate Email Bundle customization - coding help?

Is there a way to customize the awesome Textmate Email Bundle so that, instead of prompting me for an email address, when I run the command it sends my email directly to a pre-set email address (or list of email addresses)?

The current code:

to=$(CocoaDialog inputbox --title "Send an email to..." \
    --informative-text "Who should I email?" \
    --button1 "Make it so ☛" --button2 "Cancel")
[[ $(head -n1 <<<"$to") == "2" ]] && exit_discard

### Setup your mailing options ###
to=$(tail -n1 <<<"$to")

It seems I would need to swap out the "to=" line for something else, but I don't understand the code well enough.  If I just substiture an email in that space it doesn't work...

bparizek, 8 years ago

ok, I figured out half of this.  If I insert the --text line below, I am prompted with a pre-populated field for sending one email, and can just hit send:

--title "Send an email to..." \
--text "email@gmail.com" \
--informative-text "Who should I email?" \

Now, is there a way I can send multiple emails?  I'm not finding much in my searches.  I've tried stringing emails together with a comma, but that doesn't seem to work.  tries to send the email to the whole string.  I've read a few things that suggest I need to add multiple "to" headers, but all my guesses to what that might mean aren't resulting in much.

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