Hi.  In general I love Campaign Monitor - because it promises to be so easy for a complete novice like me.  Yes there is Free Spam checking at a press of a button - but I am finding out quickly that indeed you do need some level of expertise to do this stuff properly.  I have 2 quick (both of which are covered somewhere here, but stuffed if I can understand them).

1, Why does my signature logo disappear when I preview my html email.  There is only 1 jpg logo.
2. Where and when do I insert personalisation code like FIRSTNAME....

Can anyone help without directing me to a help page where I have to wizz my propeller around and pretend I know what the hell this all means!



ads1212, 8 years ago


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Adam,

Just to be clear, Campaign Monitor really is aimed at web designers, so to use it you will need some HTML editing experience.

Inserting the firstname is very simple - just put the following tag into your HTML:


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