CRM versus Campaign monitor list

Hello I am new to campaign monitor, love its potential , the reporting and tracking look fantastic. but,...

I have a list of customers and contacts on my Traffic CRM system and my staff have gained the discipline of adding business cards to the CRM system. I can already create lists and send out HTML emails but opt in/out has to be manual. If I export contacts to Campaign monitor, enable a sign up form on my website and use that to populate  my subscriber list then there is a risk I will end up with two lists that drift out of step which is a concern to my senior management.

My belif is that any subscribers to a newsletter or email marketing who are not yet customers shouldnt go onto a CRM system - if they pick up the phone or email me with an equiry then they become a lead and should go on.

Any one got any experience or ideas on how I might best manage these potential islands of information?



Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Steve,

I'm not sure I understand your question completely, but it sounds like you'd want separate lists for your website signup and your CRM contacts. That way you can sync one of the lists, and leave the other untouched.

See our API documentation.

Duplicate addresses shouldn't worry you, as each campaign is only sent once to each address. Unsubscribes are also handled across both lists through suppression lists.


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