forward to a friend

can i assign the forward to a friend to an image, not just live text?


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Erin,

Definitely. Anything you can link you can add those tags to. Just put <forwardtoafriend></forwardtoafriend> in place of your <a href=""></a> around the image. So <forwardtofriend><img src="image" border="0" width="" height="" alt=""></forwardtoafriend>

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jeffbot, 8 years ago

What about adding <forwardtoafriend> to an image map within an image (that has several image maps)?

Thanks :)

jvanasco, 8 years ago

you'd best cut the image into slices and arrange via tables or similar.

imagemaps are weird - they're either handled by js or use serverside processing that depends on a client appending the x/y coords along with the request.

briodigital briodigital, 6 years ago

i realise this is a very old thread but it came up when I was searching for this idea of being able to use the variable placeholder links into an image map.

the answer, as it turns out, for those that haven't already figured it out is to use the plain text placeholder in the href of the map.

ie <map name="Map"><area shape="rect" coords="452,28,578,72" href="[forwardtoafriend]" alt="Tell a Friend"></map>

Hope this helps someone! :)


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