Sorry, we can't send your campaign right now

"Sorry, we can't send your campaign right now"
"We just need to finalize a few things in your account"

one of my clients has just seen this message when trying to send a mailbuild campaign. I'm not sure if this is their first campaign since the CM/Mailbuild upgrade.

Q. Why is this message being shown?
Q. How come I (as the CM account holder) am the last one to know about it? I'd hope that the CM system could at least warn me at the same time as warning the end user.

This client has been sending legit campaigns for over a year, every month, and there are no new subscribers added for this particular campaign. Its about 10% of the their max sending auto limit.

Also, having sent an email to support earlier this afternoon (UK time) how long do support take to answer queries normally?



seanr, 8 years ago

ah, support have replied "That message generally pop up when the payment on the designer account ran into problems, we show that rather than a payment error to avoid blowing anyone's cover."

Best check my credit card details!


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Sean,

Glad we got that sorted out via support. On the time to respond, we generally respond within 12 hours (and always within 12 hours for approvals), often much much faster since we have support online 24 hours a day now during week days. It's been a busy day though so it took a couple of hours to get back to you. We are only human :).

D. Potter
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