Yahoo! Mail problems

I've created a campaign that displays fine in Entourage, Outlook 2003 and Mail. I also had this problem in Outlook 2007 but it appears to have been fixed in that client.

However in Yahoo Mail it loads like this...

Does anyone have any tips on sorting this issue? I've tried using <img src="blah.gif" style="display: block;"> but it doesn't work, it centers the images but the black lines are still appearing.

It looks as though the header & footer images are too small for the table but it looks like this in Entourage...

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

If you use something like Firebug for Firefox you can look at the widths of different elements, and see if your content box is being pushed out by something in Yahoo.

You may be seeing different padding or margins on elements for example.

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