SpamAssassin... anyone know what scores relate to what Hotmail etc?


does anyone know what spam scores hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc use to filter emails?

I use spamassassin to check, and they say upper limit for a clean email is 4.5 (they rate from 0 to 13+).. but i'm not sure 4.5 would get past hotmail junk filter.

0.0 - 4.5 - nice and clean, no problems except tiny ones below; no action required
4.6 - 7.0 - the strictest may object; clean up the easy-to-find issues (below)
7.1 - 10.0 - getting into dangerous territory; clean up any big issues and the easy-to-find smaller ones
10.1 - 13.0  likely over ISP limits; requires good review and cleaning up
13.1+ major problems; overhaul needed -- systematically clean, point by point and then re-test (this may require two or three checks).


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey J,

Unfortunately these guys don't publish the reasons why your email may or may not be filtered. Our design and spam testing tool lets you test your email across popular spam filters including Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail.

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