Two step unsubscribe

I want to change the currently active "one click" unsubscribe link with a two steps unsubscribe process, so that when someone clicks the unsubscribe link in the newsletter they get a webpage asking for their confirmation "¿Do you really want to unsubscribe from our list, why not change your preferences instead?"

After the user confirms, then should their email be removed from the database, but not at the first click.

Is it possible?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi anabelle, this isn't possible right now. Having said that, the unsubscribe confirmation page does allow you to undo the unsubscribe and instantly re-subscribe to the list.

Another alternative would be to make the link to your preference center much more obvious than your direct unsubscribe link. This allows each recipient to unsubscribe in a two step process.

anabelle, 8 years ago

Thanks for your answer, still I have a doubt. Is the preference center already available in Spanish?

if not, can we offer ourselves as translators? Unfortunately I can't send my costumers to a foreign language page, that would be fatal for them.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Yes, there is a Spanish translation already available, you just choose that from the drop down menu when customizing the forward to a friend and preference center pages.

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