Plain text template?

First of all compliments on a great piece of software. I've been using it for a couple of days now and it's great.
I do have a question though concerning the auto generated plain text version.
We are sending our campaigns in Dutch but the generated text versions are in English.
Is there any way to use a template for this, or do we have to edit the plain text versions every time we want to send a new campaign?



Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Remco,

I'm afraid the only way around this right now is to edit the text version for each campaign, as we only support English for the automated version at this stage I'm afraid.

marcsaffar, 8 years ago

Same problem for us as we are french language users.

What I don't understand is why auto-generated plain text version changes
some titles from our templates (but some others not)

For example we modified "in this issue" for "dans cette lettre" (in this letter),
and "This email is best viewed in your web browser. Click the link
below to see it: "for "pour lire cet email en ligne suivez ce lien"

How does campaign monitor system to retrieve these previous terms
which are no more in the new templates ?

And for every refresh and update when something is changed in the html draft,
we get the "english" version again even if we've changed them manually before.

Probably I've missed something, If not I'd be very happy this point could be settled in the future.
(as "forward to a friend" just has been updated in several language, which is GREAT)

Best regards

typoman typoman, 8 years ago

We currently successfully introduced one of our customer to campaign monitor. Worked really good! Great App!

One problem we couldn't fix for the customer ist the handling for the auto generated plain text version. The used language is 'German'. These 2 Problems we like to fix:

a) not mixing 'German' and 'English' Text
b) The order of text isn't the same as in the html-template. Header text is located at the end so it has to copied manually to the top.

So this handling was not acceptable for the customer we're looking for a solution. Is there a possibility to turn off plain-text-format at all? or is there a way to replace the 'English" text-snippets with 'German' text? E.g. customizing each text-snippet in the template section?

thanks for your feedback and keep up the really good work!

typoman, 7 years ago

please add our vote for a plain text template.

Same problems here. We have to explain our clients the strange way of first editing their html content, then reordering the auto-generated text version (in all of our newsletter templates the order of the text version is wrong!), and finally replace all english content from the text version by german text snippets. And all the same after even a small modification of the html content.

At the moment we think about outsourcing the whole newsletter creation process to our cms and transferring the newsletter AND the text version to campaignmonitor by using your API, but this is really not the best way.

Our suggested solution would be a text version template - similar to the html template, containing all the static stuff and the unsubscribe links in german language AND the right order plus the dynamic content based on the editor tags. The text version template could be optional: If there's no text version template in the template set, your algorithm of auto-generated text version does the job. Both of them, the template-based and the outo-generated, should be editable.

Are you working on something like that? We have to make a decision whether or not outsourcing the newsletter creation process to another system.

Thanks a lot,

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion.

It is actually very tricky to workout from any arbitrary HTML page how a plain text version should be ordered, because the HTML source order might be completely different to the way it is visually presented.

So we currently do what seemed to work best for the most people. We do appreciate that it is frustrating though.

We're not currently planning a plain text template (it has not been much requested) but we're always interested in hearing feedback for future consideration.

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:, 7 years ago

Isn't a plain text template the much easier way, compared with the "artificial intelligence" that's needed to extract the text content from the html source code in the right order?

How do other non-english speakin clients work around this problem? Ignoring the text version? Explaining their clients the strange way of re-editing the text version?

By the way: the introducing text in our newsletters ("Dear Subscriber, welcome to our newsletter") is always above the repeating elements in the html version (and in the source code, too!). In the auto-generated text version, the introducing text is always below the repeating elements. It seems like the order in the html source doesn't play a role.

Fredde, 7 years ago

+1 for customizing the text in the auto generated text. It's a pain in the ass translating it all to swedish everytime. And it doen't feel professional for me to send it with mixed languages!

C'mon you have a lot of international clients. Let us fully localize the service!

Lumipallo, 7 years ago

+2 from me and my collegue for the plain text development. We have the same problems with localization and the order of the plain text. For me it seems that the repeater tag has a higher priority than normal text. So when CM converts HTML to plain text it always places the repeater at the top of the plain text.

Summa summarum
1. Convert the HTML to text as it appears in source. We are designers, we can change the order easily in HTML.
2. Localization of the plain text.

RyanRoberts, 7 years ago

I'd like to add my name to the list of people having trouble with plain text being ordered wrong.

My HTML email is quite simple, one table near the top with the leading article, one below that with multiple sub articles. Whatever I do the leading article is always put at the bottom of the plain text rather than where it belongs (and where it is in the HTML).

Even more annoying is explaining this to some clients will be more difficult than simply moving to a different email campaign service, which I don't want to do.

signalfeuer, 7 years ago

You've created a great tool. Thanks for that. But i don't know how to explain that bug to possible customers...

If there's no solution for that problem i'm not sure if we can use that tool for our customers.

Feedback appreciated.

marmi, 7 years ago

Add me for the plain text ordered wrong. Has caused some headache today :-(



SteveWest, 7 years ago

I'm also getting the plain text in the wrong order - the introduction moved to the end. Also some headings repeated at the end.

I'd like it just to appear in the same order as the HTML, not try to make sense of my layout.

cheers, Steve

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