Email HTML breaking in Entourage

I'm having trouble getting the emails to render correctly in Entourage. All recipients who are using Entourage receive their final email with all of the HTML stripped out of it, and it's a huge mess. The strange thing is that the test email gets to these people looking exactly how it should.

We are using a Campaign Monitor template... is this a problem with Campaign Monitor, or a compatibility issue with Entourage? I'd really like to fix this as a large number of recipients on this list use Entourage.

(One difference between the test email and final email is that the final email sends to a single mailing list, instead of each person separately.)

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Tantan,

That's an odd one. Entourage will strip out the HTML formatting if it decides the email is spam so that could be what's going on. Odd that it would work in a preview but not the actual campaign though.

D. Potter
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