I've got Outlook, why would I need to pay for your service?

"I've got Outlook, I can send out as many emails as I want, why would I need to pay for your service?"

A question I've heard a few times from potential clients lately as I gauge potential take-up of CM.

Clients are looking for value for money and if they've got Outlook (or any email program) why would they need to use something like CM?

Any good responses that you've used with Clients who pose that type of question?

P :)

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Pangdene,

this is a fairly common question, and Jayneylou here on the forums recently gave a great answer:

Jayneylou :

After trialing virtually every system I could get my hands on over the course of several years, CM was and is the best solution I've ever come across.  Consumer level products such as Outlook just don't cut it to send out Campaign based HTML emails - especially when you're sending to a wide range of email clients.

The level and speed of support is second to none and any time (which has been rare) I've had a problem issues have been sorted out within the same day every single time.  The pricing and ability to mark up that pricing is fantastic when it comes to small - medium sized mailing lists and the ability to edit templates from within a WYSIYG style editor means even the most technically illiterate client can manage to send out a fantastic looking newsletter every time.

I'd also like to add our reports that show the results of your campaign - from overview down to the nitty gritty, and also our top notch deliverability.

Besides - who wants to do manual subscriber list management? :)


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Stormy Stormy, 8 years ago

I think really the client here doesn't understand the very basics of email marketing, you want to start on the more 'standard' features before going into the real fun stuff, such as:

Open/Click reporting - Outlook can't give you any idea of the kind of response and reception the email receives
Subscriber management - Outlook can't keep track of who wants to unsubscribe, offer web-based forms for signups
Template design - HTML template design is a laborious process and cannot easily be shared and kept up-to-date across multiple users
Bounce handling - Outlook can't do anything with bounces except give you a massive list of the bounce emails, causing large amounts of admin work
Deliverability - Outlook/Exchange throttles high-volume emails and their own server probably doesn't have deliverability agreements with major ISPs

The basics may be enough in and of themselves to tip the deal if they don't know any better, but even once you've got these out of the way you then have CM's extended features that will sweeten the sales pitch :)

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Joncar Joncar, 8 years ago

I usually hit them with the old management chestnuts:

- reporting
- quality
- value
- compliance
- risk management

....rinse and repeat....

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Brilliant answers, guys!


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