New Subscriber Status!! OR - move a subscriber to another list

Can you please add a new subscriber status that is "Joined" or "Bought" or "Member"? The reason for this is that say a subscriber to a list that is called Prospects joins or buys from me. They are no longer prospects, they are now members or buyers.

Alternatively, how can I move a subscriber from one list (prospects) to another list (members)? I guess I can delete or unsubscribe the subscriber from one list and add them to another. BUT - does unsubscribing or deleting a subscriber negatively impact my account and/or any reports??

Please provide a viable solution or tell me what the best thing to do is!

Best regards,

Victor C.

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Victor,

you can add custom fields to your lists. This way, you can add this status to each subscriber and keep them in the same list, yet create different segments for them:

Creating and using segments


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victorc, 8 years ago

Stig - thanks for the reply.

The solution you suggest will work but create a lot of extra steps. For every email I send then I would have to try and remember to use the custom field "Status" as part of each segment.

This makes no sense because if I have a list that is called Prospects, I don't want Members mixed in with that list. This just creates a GREAT possibility to accidentally send emails to the wrong recipients or segment.

I think ideally for me, and ANY other clients you have, the correct solution would be to have the functionality in your system to easily MOVE a subscriber to a different list, just like now we can MOVE a subscribers status from Active to Deleted or Unsubscribed.

Just my two cents. It seems this could be an easy thing to implement.

pannoswinzeler, 7 years ago

This would be a great feature to have. Seems like a very common request and basic need.

bc173, 6 years ago

This is an interesting feature request, but fairly complex to build:

- List A and B may have different custom fields. What happens with those if you move a subscriber from list B to A?
- List A and B may have duplicate subscribers (e-mails). Which info is overwritten or kept if you move a subscriber from list B to A?

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