Help with custom fields

I guess I'm not understanding yet how custom fields work.

It seems by default I have a name field and an email address field. My client wants in the subscriber form a firstname field, lastname field, and email address. When someone fills this form and subscribes, it adds them to the subscriber list. However in the subscriber list there is nothing listed in the name column. How can I have their name show in the subscriber list?

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Julia,

The name column in the subscriber list is reserved for the default full name field, so it is not possible to show custom fields there instead. In the future we may look at ways of making custom field values more visible form the reports, so thanks for your feedback.

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julia, 10 years ago


what are the best "general" fields to have in a subscriber form? Client wants to be able to personalize with first name, but it's also useful to have the name show up in the subscriber list when client looks at reports. Does this mean form has to have firstname, lastname, as well as fullname?

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