RSS Feed Notifications for Billing clients

I am curious how people handle billing there clients when paying on behalf of them. Right now I do it manually. I wanna try to set something up on our server that can be integrated so as soon as a client send a campaign and we get charged for it, we can then go ahead and bill our client.

Looking forward to your comments.

Thank You,

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Frank, just out of curiosity, have you considered letting Campaign Monitor handle your client billing automatically? You set your own prices and then we handle your client billing and transfer your profits to you at the end of the month.

You can read more about this here:

pngised, 8 years ago

@Dave: (and sorry for my poor english)
It could be a good solution to let Campain Monitor doing the hard work, but it is not ever possible.
In Italy I can't use this system because of the law:
- I have to charge the client for my service, and in this case it would not be possible, 'cause the money come to me by you, and not by the client itself. Then should I charge to you...

It could be a better solution if the invoice you send automatically, was a "receipt" maybe with custom VAT (if specified).
Also better if the client pays directly to my account (paypal through your system) and then you charge me separately (with invoice this time). I think it is more clear in this way.


guyute, 8 years ago

I am aware of this feature but like others have complained about, I am concerned about the C/SEND. COM EMAIL NEWSLETTER SOFTWARE appearing on the billing statement.

At least have nothing at that website. Instead, im sure if a client contacted you through those email addresses that you would explain that it a re-branded product and blow our cover.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago


We go to a lot of effort to never blow anyone's cover. If one of your clients ever contacted us we'd just pass their question on to you. We never respond directly to your clients.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hi Frank, it is possible to "catch" the rss billing feed and - with some technical and mathematical creativity - transform the output into output of your own that you could use to generate invoices or usage statement emails to be sent to your clients. I can't really explain the technical details, because I have technical colleagues who set this up for us, but it's entirely possible.

Alternatively, have you considered to use CM's recently introduced feature that allows you to allocate credits to client's accounts? You could sell credits to your clients [b]in advance[/b/]. This is what we do anyway (combined with usage update emails). It has several advantages:

* You get your money upfront and faster
* You could consider to give your clients volume discounts
* You reduce the risk of bad clients who send and don't pay at all
* Less administration: you won't have to sent an invoice for every campaign


PS: we don't use this feature ourselves because we don't charge the 500 starting credits but less than that.
PS 2: CM-guys, about the first PS: if it was possible to set the starting credit to less than 500, it would be the perfect solution for us. Of course, the difference would still be taken out of my own credits volume. The reason we charge less then 500 starting credits is that we charge a healthy mark-up on the credits and we don't want the start amount for a campaign to be to high.

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