making image a link

Simple bit of HTML but I do not understand how to auto include the same title link for the image.

<!--existing out the box template:-->
<h2><$title link='true' default='Enter your title'$></h2>
<img src="<$imagesrc link='false'$>" width="164" height="164" alt="Main Content Inline Small" align="left" hspace="10">
<!-- would like as below with, image link/alt being auto generated from editable h2 link eg: -->
<h2><a href="www.myweb_page"> My Cool Product </a></h2>
<a href="myweb_page"><img src="linkto image" width="164" height="164" alt="My Cool Product" align="left" hspace="10"></a>

anybody done this?

Many thanks

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Mike,

In the third line, where it says link='false', change it to link='true'.

It won't automatically make it the same link as the title, but it will let you add a link to the image as well.


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Mike BWD, 8 years ago

Many Thanks Stig


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