Update padding in 'Guide to CSS support in email clients (2008)'

The assessment of Outlook 2007 over at the Email Standards Project (to which of course CM are founder contributors) seems rather more nuanced than CM's own Guide to CSS Support in email clients (2008), especially on the fundamental issue of padding.

The CM table implies full support for padding in Outlook 2007, but ESP more accurately puts padding in the 'Partial/No support' category.

I had been using the CM tables as a guide but in this regard have found them to be misleading and have consequently had to significantly change the way I had coded and styled content modules within one of my templates.

So that others might be prevented from making the same mistake, can this anomaly be corrected, please?

Jonathan Schofield

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Jonathan,

We will certainly be updating our CSS chart again this year, and we may adjust our test cases to be more nuanced  as you say. Right now, our test page with its padding renders fine, and since that is the same test case we marked all the other clients against, it might be misleading to change just one.

When we rerun all the tests though, we'll certainly update them all together.

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