Modern Black: Repeater with two sizes of images?

Looking at the Modern Black templates, how would you be able to reproduce what you see in the example?

There are two different images with different widths being defined and a table of contents.

Wouldn't you need two separate Repeaters and manually update your table of contents?

eddiekimeera eddiekimeera, 8 years ago

I've been scratching my head about this too.

Any ideas anyone?

boostventilator boostventilator, 8 years ago


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Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hm, looks to me like CM cheated a bit in the example, and made it look nicer than is actually possible with the template.

However, another trick to get more variable sizes for images in different items: set the width for images in your template real big (heck, make as big as your template is wide). When adding a smaller image, CM will use the actual size of that image (CM does reduce image size to set width, but -- obviously -- does not enlarge). It takes away a bit ease-of-use (you or your customer must prep images) but gives you a bit more flexibility.

You could even get the effect as in Black Modern... without cheating like CM did :-P

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