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I have been looking for a solution to take away both the pain we have with managing customer data for email communications (enter Campaign Monitor, take a bow - and come back for an encore) and the pain we have creating and managing forms (enter wufoo). The perfect solution would involve both these actors enabling us to call the Campaign Monitor API from a wufoo form (checkbox indicating the customer would like to be contacted via email) -  or doing it the other way around by perhaps making use of the secure RSS feed from wufoo to work some magic.

Has anybody looked at this - or better - found a solution. I am about to challenge our developers with coding up something to parse the wufoo rss feed and call the Campaign Monitor API.

Edit: I meant to add that I have asked wufoo whether they have any plans to provide integration with Campaign Monitor. They said it's "not currently on their development schedule".

vince, 8 years ago

Better still would be for CM to add a form/survey feature built-in?
has been mentioned a few times, but not currently on development scheduale AFAIK.

rob.holmes, 8 years ago

Looking at wufoo integration in more detail now. Can somebody confirm whether

1) A call to Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe will add a subscriber even if they are on the suppression list for the client which owns the list?
I would guess so.. from the "If the subscriber is in an inactive state or has previously been unsubscribed, they will be re-added to the active list." statement in the docs (but it doesn't mention suppression lists).

2) A call to Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe for a subscriber which is already subscribed will send out an email to the subscriber (in the case where the list is double opt-in)?
I assume the best practice is to call Subscribers.GetIsSubscribed and then only call Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe if required?

Many thanks,

Mitch, 8 years ago

Hi Rob,

We built our own sign-up form using Wufoo's form export function and the CampaignMonitor API.

Obviously not as graceful as a tick-box integration, but it would at least mean you could use Wufoo's forms without too much trouble!

You can read the tutorial we published this morning here.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Awesome post Mitch, thanks for sharing it. Rob, I'll get one of our developers to get back to you re: Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe.

rob.holmes, 8 years ago

Hi Mitch,

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately we are in a position where we want non-technical staff to be able to create forms quickly (competitions, surveys etc) and include an option on each one to subscribe for email newsletters. I can see your approach works well for seamless integration when dev input is on hand - but we need a solution which will remove the requirement for development effort for each form created.

Edit: We have asked a few questions in the wufoo forum about how best to use their API as well in case others are interested:

Ken Ken, 8 years ago

Hi Rob,

In answer to your questions re: Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe

1. You are correct. Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe will add the email address to your list, even if it's on the suppression list. The functionality of Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe was built to mimic subscribing via a subscriber form, where we assume it is the actual subscriber subscribing themselves, and so they should be added to the list regardless of the state of the suppression list.

It has been misleading that the docs for Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe have the 204: In SuppressionList error code. I have now removed it, so there shouldn't be any more confusion.

2. A call to Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe with an email address that is Active will not send out a confirmation email for double opt-in lists. A call to Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe with an email address that is inactive (Unsubscribed, Deleted etc), will send out a confirmation email, and move that email address to the Unconfirmed state. In both cases, Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe will return Success.

I hope that answers your questions Rob. Feel free to get back to us if you have any other problems or questions.
Mitch, 8 years ago

Dave—thanks for the feedback! Hopefully it's off help to the CampaignMonitor community.

Wouldn't have been able to come up with the solution without it's support, so sharing it back is the least I can do.

Thanks again for the great service you provide and the community you've cultivated around it.

Rob—I'm keen to see better integration between Wufoo and CampaignMonitor at a more user friendly level too. Although, I think there'd probably have to be an application in the middle that was configured to poll certain forms and pump the results up to certain lists at the very least.

rob.holmes, 8 years ago

Hi Ken,

Those were the answers I was looking for. All makes sense.

I noticed Shopify makes integration with Campaign Monitor easy via a Web Hook. I guess that's what we are really looking for from Wufoo - a trigger.


rob.holmes, 8 years ago

We have completed our "integration" of Wufoo and Campaign Monitor. It relies on the "Confirmation Message" in Wufoo being set to a URL on our site in the format:{entry:EntryId}

Once we receive the request we parse the query string for the formID and the entryID and use these to call the Wufoo API to pull out the corresponding user data to submit to CampaignMonitor via the Campaign Monitor API.

The only security concern is that people with nothing better to do may use the URL and submit random entry numbers. In this case if the entry number is for a user who..
a) has already double opted in is used then nothing happens.
b) has been sent an email but not yet double opted in then nothing happens.
c) has double-opted in, then later unsunscribed then that user is sent another email (they are NOT opted in yet). Note that it is perfectly possible to fill in the wufoo form with any email address and trigger the double opt in email so we don't see this as a problem.

Hope this is of use to others looking to get these two great apps to work together. I am happy to answer any questions about our approach - although I may pass them on to Shane Rogers who cut the code (what there was of it).


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