Campaign ID from API vs "cID" used in CM interface

It seems that the Campaign ID returned when creating a new campaign via API is different than the "cID" CM uses in its own interface..

Is there a particular reason for this?

I would like to use the API to create the Campaign and then send the user to the CM interface for the final testing and sending stages (stage 4), But it looks like I need to figure out the "cID" that CM uses internal to be able to send the user to the correct URL.

I would also like to be able to open a "Preview" window from my API driven interface that uses the same URL CM uses for preview, but again the API does not give me the info I need to generate that URL...

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Jason Jason, 8 years ago

Hey Alex,

As you have surmised, there is no correlation between the API returned campaign ID, and the value of the cID name/value pair in the application query string. When this was designed, there was no apparent reason that these would have to be compatible or interchangeable, as the situation you outline was not considered.

There is no easy solution in being able to form a URL that you can pass on, or load for a preview, based upon the data you have on hand from the API. My apologies this is not available, however I will make a note of this for consideration as a future improvement.

Jase, 8 years ago

Damn, I've just had pretty much the exact same problem. I need a customised display of the list of campaigns that have been sent and a link to each of those.

What would be nice is if the preview link was returned in either Campaign.GetSummary or Client.GetCampaigns.

stendal, 7 years ago

I would also like to raise my vote for this "missing link"!

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