[College,fallback=] or NOT !

I have mailed support but am still awaiting their reply. If any one can help i'd be really grateful! Please see below,


I have followed the necessary steps to import my subscribers from a .cvs file. i then specified the fields i need activated. name, email and college. however after putting the [College,fallback=] coding in to my url it doesn't seem to read when i test the email i want to send. This seems odd as the personalization works fine in both the subject and at the start of my message. the url looks like this http://www.timbetold.com/booking/booking.html.

Please advise. I really look forward to using this system and i'm sure i've just missed something very basic.

Kind regards

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We would have responded via support already, but in most cases this is because your HTML source is a bit messed up, and the tag isn't being found. For example, it might look fine in the rendered page, but the tag might not be right in the source.

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blkh2o, 8 years ago

i received an email from support . simple (as i thought it would be) and everything has been resolved.

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