Campaign Monitor as a snail mail database?

We've got a project coming up for an organization that wants to collect information on their members and donors - both those that have email addresses and those that do not (for whatever reason, socioeconomic, age, etc).

They're goal is to communicate by email when possible.  That means if you have an email address, they want to capture it and communicate with you by email vs. snail mail.  However if you do not have an email address, they want to capture your mailing address so they can communicate with you via traditional mail.

As previously outlined above, the basically have 2 groups:  members and donors.  Members with email addresses are obviously the norm with respect to Campaign Monitor.  That is the easy part.  There are three other scenarios though which I am wondering if they could be set up.

1)  Members without email addresses:  Perhaps the form has an option at the start that asks if you have an email address, if you do go one route if you do not you go the other route.  Would CM be able to

2)  Donors with email addresses:.  We plan on using FoxyCart to allow for online donations, and Foxy stores the data in XML format.  So, donors that have email addresses would need to drop into the email only database.

3)  Donors without email addresses:  again using FoxyCart, mailing address info would need to drop into the non-email database.

So I guess the question is, can the base CM database be used for all of these scenarios?  Has anyone done something like this?  I would love to give the client a single point of entry to access both email based members and donors and traditional mail based members and donors.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

You can certainly store most of that in Campaign Monitor, but you can't have a record without an email address - everything in Campaign Monitor is tied to the email address as the unique identifier within a list.

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edouble, 8 years ago

That's what I thought - would there by anyway a form could produce a false email address in the background to allow snail mail customers to be stored?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Theoretically, yes, but it's not really an intended use of Campaign Monitor, you'd be better off with a tool made for general data capture.

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