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I am interested in a few of the free templates located on this website (

I now understand they must be sent with HTML e-mail programs.  I tested out Thunderbird, and Gmail, both of which I cannot seem to get to work.  Of course, that's probably because I'm new at this whole thing, and I don't really know how to install these templates.

Any help would be appreciated.  I am generally looking for help on:

A) How to install these templates?
B) What E-mail program should I use to SEND these templates?
C) How can I edit these templates?

Thanks in advance!

yonghokim yonghokim, 8 years ago

You cannot send it from an email program. You can edit them using HTML editors (e.g. DreamWeaver), but in order to send it with all the features on you should use CampaignMonitor's online interface. Here's a shot at it:

1. Download the ZIP file
2. Uncompress

Set up space for Template
3. Log in to your campaignmonitor
4. Enter your client
5. Click "Templates" at the top right
6. "Add a new template"
7. Type some name in "Template name"

Upload template
8. Upload the index.htm file under the "Campaign Monitor Template" folder as "HTML Page"
9. (Assuming you use Windows XP) drag the stylesheet.css file insize the file.
10. Upload the file as "All other files in zip format"
11. Upload the screenshot.png file as "Screenshot of the template"

Hit "Add Template", and it should upload

After that you can go on with "Create/Send" and the template will show up when it's time to choose a design.

The simplest alternative to this is to open the index.htm file on a web browser and then
1. Select all (Ctrl+ A)
2. Copy
3. Open up gmail's WYSIWYG editing interface
4. Paste

To edit the template, edit the original files and re-upload. All draft campaigns will be updated with the design.

But you will get something much, much uglier because of a number of issues (in-computer files, in-computer CSS file, browser clipboarding, clipboard reliability, gmail clipboarding and gmail rendering)

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

yonghokim is correct. Just to add to his answer, you can also use the free templates to send straight HTML emails by using the files found in the campaign-monitor-tags folder in the template download. You can then follow these instructions to import the campaign from your computer:

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