How do you provide your client the stats?

I'm new to campaign monitor and I was just wondering how many of you export your stats vs. setting up a page and allowing them access through your site? What kind of feedback are you getting?


style campaign style campaign, 10 years ago

Hi Julia,
we set up a simple page on our website with a client login....its easier for both parties as clients can login anytime and you do not have to export and send stats. Its was very easy to set up took less than an hour. Our clients like that they can login anytime without having to go through us.  Also some of our clients tell us they check the stats frequently just to see if the open rate has gone up, particularly in the first 48hrs after sending a campaign. They enjoy the real-time feedback and do not want to wait 2/3 days for a report.....hope this helps you to decide.


julia, 10 years ago

Hi Anna,

I looked at your site, thank you for posting. That is nifty having all the screenshots and such on the site. I can see how my clients would like to have that kind of access, especially since some of them are half way round the globe.

style campaign style campaign, 10 years ago

Hi Julia,
that is one of the great things about Campaign Monitor they allow you to use their resources such as the screen shots! Its also a way for us to send potential clients straight to our site for info rather than to CM so they do not get confused who they are dealing with..there is talk of a video being produced that we can put on our websites which would be great....

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