RSS feed of latest email campaigns archive

Is it possible to produce an RSS feed of the latest email campaigns archive instead of a javascript?

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hey yonghokim,

This is not something we currently offer as a standard part of our program, although we are listening to everyone's requests and suggestions for new features. Is this something that other would also find useful?

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vka, 8 years ago

Yes possibly...... a lot of people do use RSS feeds to keep up to date on things so technically this would add another level for getting your information in front of people. 

The only downside I see is that you would not be able to track viewer stats like you can when it is viewed in an email... could slightly reduce the effectiveness of this crucial information and does not allow you to have a good picture of your reach and relationships.

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yonghokim yonghokim, 8 years ago

vka: i'm talking about the emails archive, which allows people to view past emails sent - not the admin dashboard.

nathanpitman nathanpitman, 6 years ago

Yup, I'd love to see this added too, it would be much more useful for clients since it would allow for the archive to be embedded into a website on the server side thus providing more positive Google Juice! :)

admin.easycare, 6 years ago

I'm adding my vote for RSS feeds for email campaigns. This would allow for a lot of nice ways for people to browse the newsletter archives. Our situation:

My company sends out a monthly newsletter, and up to now we've been posting an excerpt of the newsletter to our company blog each month, with a link to the web version of our CM newsletter. Posting it in the blog allows us to have a feed set up for our newsletter. Then, using Feedburner, we are able to create a box on our home page that auto-updates whenever we update the blog with the current month's newsletter. You can see it in action here: The right sidebar is all auto populated from various RSS feeds.

If we could just pull the feed directly from CM without having to essentially republish the newsletter each month, that would be pretty special. :-D

peter@thrive, 4 years ago

We also need an alternative to the script archive function. We had the script embedded in the content on a Wordpress page, but upon an update, the script is no longer allowed and the archive is gone.
An RSS feed would help, or some other alternative. Thank you!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Thanks Peter - this is still a current request, so happy to bump this with the team and keep you updated if we come up with either an RSS feed of sent campaigns, or a suitable alternative. Thanks for letting us know this is what you're after :D

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