I'm looking forward to be able to create new segments trough the API, but I haven't find anything about this.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion. It's not currently planned, but if we get more feedback about that we'd certainly consider it for the future.

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Supershift, 8 years ago

I second that. It would be very usefull to have the AddSegment function for the API.

For example, we have a Custom Field named company. In this we add the company name. If we would have the AddSegment feature we then could Add this and send the mailing to this company segment.

The alternative option (currently only option) is to create separate lists, but what are the options if we have multiple types of mailings for multiple companies (this is an actual case)?

Lets say 5 different mailings and 150 clients would results into 5 x 150 = 750 different lists. If we would have segments, we would have 5 lists and 150 segments. As you can understand I prefer the later one.

kev_charlton, 8 years ago

I third that!

We specifically needed this feature for a project we're working on right now :(

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks, I have recorded the additional votes for this request in our list internally.

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dboulos, 8 years ago

Actually, i would think this feature is imperative since, in order to create a campaign via the API call, you MUST have a segment? With all due respect (I love the API library), it's somewhat redundant creating Campaigns via ones own CRM, when you're obligated to log into Mailbuild for the segment creation?

dboulos, 8 years ago

Sorry, I'm rather new to using the API and after a bit more testing, i realised you CAN, create a campaign WITHOUT the need to have an existing segment created. The argument is obligatory but, one can pass an empty ListSegment object to the Create.Campaign method.

        Dim ListID As String = "********d32092551*************"
        Dim lstList As New Collections.Generic.List(Of String)
        Dim lstLS As New Collections.Generic.List(Of CampaignMonitorAPIWrapper.ListSegment)
        ' ******NOT REQUIRED*************'Dim ls As New ListSegment(ListID, "Testseg")
         ' ******NOT REQUIRED*************lstLS.Add(ls)
        Dim strList As String = ListID
        Dim HTML As String = "http://www.******.html"

        CampaignID = Campaign.Create(APIKey, ClientID, "test Campaign", "Subject Line", _
                               "FROM", "REPLY", "REPLY", _
                                HTML, HTML, lstList, lstLS).ReturnObject

Sorry, and thanks again for a great option  (API library)!

bradpollard, 7 years ago

Hi Matthew,

addSegment has been a long awaited and regularly requested API feature request. Is there any development work being done on this feature request right now (i.e. today), or, is it still being 'voted' on? This API feature was first requested over 2 years ago here

Really looking forward to seeing the CM API develop further, and seeing some of our long awaited feature requests made available to us.

Thanks again for providing us designers with a fantastic email marketing solution.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We are working on the API all the time, and there are big API improvements coming, but I can't confirm right now that this is one of them.

I will raise it with our developers during the week though.

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