Images & img src code disappearing

for some reason, when importing a new campaign today, none of our images are appearing and the img src code has been removed from the preview's code.

i thought it was maybe just an issue with the preview and sent out a couple tests, but still no images. the original HTML file works fine when viewed from the web address it's parked at. once it is imported to Campaign Monitor... *poof* goes the images and src path.

has anyone else had this problem or know why/how this is happening? i've even re-imported a previously used HTML file that worked just fine and am getting the same problem: no images.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


I think you've also contacted support with this one, but if you haven't that's the best way to get some help, because we'll need to take a look at the specific campaign you are importing.

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travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey mFisher,

There is a known bug affecting uppercase IMG and SRC tags. We should have a fix deployed for this today but in the meantime, if sending your newsletter is imperative, just try bringing all your tags to lowercase.

Travis Bell
robertok, 8 years ago

Man, I wish I saw this yesterday.  We had to delay our newsletter because we couldn't get our previously working images to work.  You should have some sort of alert box within the site to let people know when something is actually broken.


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