Reordering custom-fields?


Could it be possible to move the custom fields around? Say I've created field "a", "c" and "b". These would be listed in preferences/signup and all as a, c and d. Of course I can manually edit the formular, but this won't change the order in CM admin.


Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Oskar,

This isn't possible at the moment unfortunately, but we've added your vote for this feature.


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jrseney, 8 years ago

Hi, could you put in another vote for this?

I know it sounds silly, but when my client logs in to see their list, I am hoping to have it in logical order. For example, if we decide to add address2 directly below address1 (which has other fields after it) , it's currently not possible.

Thanks for considering this!

protocreate, 8 years ago

Add another vote for this. My client had originally combined full address into one field, but just changed it so that address/city/state/zip are all separate fields. Makes for an ackward presentation now that the new fields are listed below all the other custom fields, instead of grouped with the address field.

dannyfoo dannyfoo, 8 years ago

I'd also like to add my vote for this. Because it can be frustrating when a client is fickle-minded by even switching between item 3 and 4 - which is in the middle of the list of 10 fields. :)

Looking forward to this upgrade when it happens!

Blake, 8 years ago

Thanks for the votes guys, we've added them to our list.

mimamu, 8 years ago

In my opinion should be possible to change the sortorder not only of the custom fields .

If a subscriber opens his preferences the first possible field should be gender, name, emailaddress, several other custom fields.

It really looks funny if the subscriber is sent to a form, where the first field ist name, followed by emailaddress, gender.....

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 8 years ago

Hi mimamu, I've noted this request. I don't think there is a 'standard' order to fields in a form, so we'll look into how we can make the preference center more flexible in this respect.

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Chris Guillou, 7 years ago

If I could "bump" this feature request a little ...
Currently if you add a custom field and want to reorder you would need to delete all previous CFields and recreate them... and lose all data.
Major priority for me.

Thanks and big shout out to the CM team.


unklellis, 7 years ago

I've just registered as a user on the forum to say amen to custom field ordering! It would be really great if this were a feature. Like dannyfoo says, when fickle-minded clients change their mind it can be a real problem.

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Vitor Junqueira Vitor Junqueira, 7 years ago

that would be very useful having such a feature. It's really troublesome when you have to delete all existing fields and create them once again because one forgot a field that must be in position 3 :-(

pav pav, 7 years ago

One more vote for this  please.

mg, 7 years ago

I would like to add another vote for this please! I came to the forums today for the first time to look for help with exactly this. It is very frustrating that I have to delete all the other fields and recreate them to get them in the order I want. This is the first time ever that I was unable to do what I wanted to easily with Campaign Monitor.

Tommy, 7 years ago

Come on guys. this thread is 2 years old ......... Could you get it fixed. It really would make life easier !!

hgld, 6 years ago

+1 for me too please.

I'm surprised this enhancement has gone unaddressed for such a long time.
Is it really that difficult to do this?
I've been able to reorder fields on Mailchimp for years.

bc173, 6 years ago


Redmark53, 6 years ago

Add my vote, too, please!

Chris Guillou, 6 years ago

Still nothing ? This issue is a systematic downer with clients especially for the Preferences center.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi again Chris, it's still something we're looking into, sorry to say. Hold tight, we'll certainly work on your requests in due time - I totally agree reordering fields would be a big plus in this context.

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Chris Guillou, 6 years ago

Thanks a bunch Ros.
Keep us posted ;-)

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