I can't figure out my images!!!

Hello and Hi..
I'm totally new to this...And somewhat computer savy...but not totally.  HOW IN THE WORLD if I use one of the templates...do I POST my picture where there template picture was...I've tried zipping re zipping and zipping some more...If someone could talk me through it...and not just copy and paste from their list of questions...that obviously didnt help me when I asked matthew for help!  BUT, I'm almost there...Just a little push and Ill be on my own...But, explain in elementary terms...THANK YOU and cheers, Sandy

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Sandy,

Sorry you didn't find our answer helpful - we have explained this a few times, and the explanation we use normally does resolve it for people. You can always reply to our support emails asking for more assistance too.

Here again are the basics:

If your html is like this:

<img src="images/header.jpg">

Then your zip file needs to contain the 'images' folder itself, as well as the header image inside that folder. So when we unzip the zip file next to the html page, all the references still work.

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