French accent problem


I'm using Campaign Monitor to send email blast to mostly french speaking people. The problem is that the accents (é è ê...) in the subject of the emails aren't showing correctly. I'm currently using the automatic name fonction that allows to personnalize each email.

Is there a way to fix this problem ?

Thanks a lot.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


As long as both your subscribe form (or import file) and your HTML emails are in UTF-8 format, your accents should display fine. We send all emails out in UTF-8 which covers the widest variety of characters.

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yougagnon, 8 years ago

Ok. But the problem is in the subject of the message not the body. Maybe UTF-8 can fix this also.
Could you please tell me where I can modify this ? Is there a setting in Campaign Monitor's preferences for it ?


yougagnon, 8 years ago

I just went to see the page about adding UTF-8 to my html file you have in your help section.
After verification, my HTML file is already using this format. So the problem isn't coming from this.

It really comes from my subscriber's list entries. Some of my subscribers have accent in their name, and I use their names in the email subject using this: Bonjour [firstname], voici des nouvelles d'Alfred.

Thanks a lot.

Redmark53, 6 years ago

I have just experienced the same problem with importing a subscriber list of French names. All of the accents, which are correct in my .csv file, import as a black diamond question mark character. I have found that if I go in to each entry separately and edit the subscriber's profile, I can correct the accents. But this is a lot of manual work. Is there something in the import function that does not understand accents? Is there a work-around to fix this?

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


You need to ensure that the file you're importing is UTF-8 encoded. If you're on a PC you can open up your .CSV file in Notepad and go to the save as menu and set the encoding there (Excel is pretty bad about encoding). As long as the file is UTF-8 everything should import correctly.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Redmark53, 6 years ago


Brilliant, thank you! I tried this and it works. I didn't know that about Excel not saving to UTF-8... but it figures that Microsoft is not good at playing with others. :)


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