Disable search engine indexing of HTML emails


We will be sending personalized HTML emails to our user base. How can we be 100% sure that this HTML emails will not be somehow indexed by search engines when for example viewed on-line (web based e-mail clients)? Is this even an issue?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We do automatically use NOFOLLOW tags in your public web version, and we also remove personalization so we don't expose individuals information.

The only way search engines will find your emails is if you (or someone else) publishes a link to the web version. It's not linked up to anything on the web by default.

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rynbow, 8 years ago

I am keen to make the web version of my newsletters searchable, as they have become a kind of log with some popular appeal. I have placed links on my website (as seems to be suggested above) some months ago, which opens the newsletters nicely, but I have been unable to find phrases in any of these newsletters in a Google search.

Could you have a look and maybe suggest a solution?

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