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I've been looking around the forums and helpfiles but I can't seem to find anything about filling certain areas of your newsletter dynamically (maybe I haven't looked well enough :p). One of my customers updates their website quite often with news and agenda items they would like to include in their newsletters, but don't want to type over again when sending a news letter. They'd like the same news item to be imported into the newsletter automatically.

Is this possible? Like for instance using an XML document generated on our server that provides the content that has to go in the news letter. If so: How?

Thanks in advance!

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi elinq,

There's no XML import in Campaign Monitor, but one option might be to set up a Campaign Monitor template in your customer's CMS that uses the same content as their website, but formated for email (including unsubscribe links, etc.).

Your customer can then import the HTML from this URL every time they send a campaign.

For a more lo-fi approach, the Campaign Monitor WYSIWYG editor handles copy-and-paste pretty well - in most browsers, all superfluous formatting will be stripped when pasting content.


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elinq, 8 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply! I already feared I would have to make something that generates the html template to get this to work ;) I'd love to see something like this in campaign monitor though.

Thanks again!

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