Apple Mail colour issues

I'm having issues whereby a number of images are coming out in Apple Mail too dark and not matching up with a background colour? Looks fine on my PC and also when the client checks the web version - just when they view it in Mac Mail... Has anyone else come up with a similar problem?



Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi James,

I think we may have sorted this out via support but let us know if you need any other help. Just to note I can actually see the different colors on my PC as well in Firefox.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 8 years ago


I too am having a similar problem, and whats weird i too am from Tunbridge Wells (I digress).

An email I have designed for a client, displays 100% fine in Outlook 2007, as a webpage and in the CM preview pane.

When it is sent to my clients Mac Mail, the background colours as defined in the CSS are wrong...  in fact I'm pretty sure all the colours are lighter, having taken a screengrab and sampled it this would appear to be the case. This wouldnt be a problem but the images that have part of the background colour in are display the colour it should be.... so i get what appears to be a darker image... but in fact the image is fine... and its the background colour on the table that 'appears' to be wrong.

Anyone else had this problem?

Or do CM have any suggestions?

In terms of James, issue its worth checking out how your images are compressed, as if your compression ratio is too can loose some of the colours you need to get a seamless appearance

Anyway... i look forward to peoples thoughts.

djwhisky, 8 years ago

Hi Richard

Small world eh!

After talking to CM support, they recommended me to re-upload the affected images as a gif. Apparently Mac Mail shows JPEGs using an embedded colour profile which can screw up the display like this. The gif approach has worked for me, but I'm wondering where a colour profile got into my JPEGs? I didn't add one, so maybe CM add one on the upload of the images?



Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 8 years ago


I thought about using a png - a gif wouldnt handle the file particularly well... its 3 photographs.

But like I say i have a table background colour of #E6E2C9 set in the stylesheets but in macmail the table colour is #EBE8D3 - the jpg image is which is like a series of polaroids dropped on top obviously has some of the background colour showing through, its colour is #E6E2C9 which is correct.

So in short... i dont see that its the image getting darker... but the background all around the image getting lighter...

JordanK, 8 years ago

Hey James. I've had similar problems like yours in the past. One day I just sat down and tried to figure out what was going on with my colors.  I'd recommend reading up on color profiles. If you're using photoshop and are unfamiliar with the 'View > Proof Setup' option I'd look that up as well. This article, though a bit old, is a good place to start.

Good luck!


A quick note, CM isn't adding any color profiles to your images (at least I'm pretty certain they aren't, that'd be pretty wacky). Photoshop, or whatever you use, is likely set up to automatically apply a color profile to your exported jpegs. Color is always a bit of a gamble simply because there are so many different set ups. The best you can do is make sure your settings are set up correct, test in a good browser (if you are concerned about color that means Safari) and pray to the internet gods.

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