large subscriber list verification

under the old CM, large subscriber lists would have to be verified by CM by writing an email confirming how the addresses were collected. does this not have to be done anymore?

i scheduled a blast for monday to a list of 12,030 people for a new client and wasnt asked to verify addresses. under the old CM i blasted to 1500 and had to verify.

im not gonna get held up right before the blast with a surprise verification process am i?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Erin,

Rather than a list approval process it's now a campaign approval process. So the moment you define the recipients for your campaign if the list is over your current approval tier you'd be prompted to submit the campaign for approval. If you weren't then you're fine. The approval limits are tiered so if you've been through approval once you likely won't need to again unless you're sending to a significantly larger list.

D. Potter
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