How to add a "forward to a friend" link to a web page?

The company I work for posts all of its newsletters on its website in addition to emailing them, and I would like to keep the forward to a friend link on that version, but of course the CM <forwardtoafriend> tags don't work on a normal web page. Is there a way to add a link to a web page that will take people to the same forward area?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi AZGaber. I'm afraid that isn't possible. The forward to a friend links are unique for each subscriber, it's not something generic that could be added to your website, sorry.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
vanwoods, 8 years ago

This is a strange thing, i have my newsletter also online just in case. I would like to have an url that redirects me, right now there is a name and email of a subscriber filled in the online version.

It works with the name in it with the online version of the newsletter, so there probably has to be a way to get an url without name and email pre filled in?

I hope there is a solution for this.

thnx in advance

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